Preliminary design & budgeting.
Design consultation.
Quoting and estimating offering technical assistance and advice.
Design & construction.
General building and project management.
Detailed drafting services for projects based on architectural and engineering designs.
Identifying cost savings.


Manufacture of precast panels under cover in a controlled environment on steel casting beds.
Manufacture of architectural precast panels and other precast elements.
Manufacture of architectural precast panels and other precast.
Undercover storage until ready for delivery.


Delivery of panels to site on specially designed frames and trailers.


Site erection, propping and installation of panels.
Including all safety & design for installation process specific to each project.


Post erection works including grouting, caulking and welding.



Concrete Precast Systems maintains an extensive and detailed database of certificates of panels made as required by law.
Concrete Precast Systems workforce receives comprehensive training in manufacture, safety and quality processes.